Utrecht Forum for Memory Studies

Lorena de Vita

Lorena De Vita is Assistant Professor in the History of International Relations at Utrecht University. Her research interests revolve around the politics of memory in the twentieth century, Holocaust memorialisation, new diplomatic history, the politics of reparations and restitutions and the history of the Cold War and its aftermath.

Her publications include: Israelpolitik: German-Israeli Relations 1949-1969 (Manchester University Press, 2020); ‘An East German ‘Star Lawyer’, the Nazi past and the Cold War: Friedrich Karl Kaul’ in Jewish-European Émigré Lawyers: Twentieth Century International Humanitarian Law as Idea and Profession ed. By L. Bilsky and A. Weinke (Wallstein, 2021) and ‘The Cold War in the Middle East: Then and Now’ in Atlantisch Perspectief (2019).

Her current research project, funded by the Alfred Landecker Lecturer Programme (€500,000) is titled: Holocaust Diplomacy: The Global Politics of Memory and Forgetting.