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Online Book Launch: The Visual Memory of Protest

With responses from: Robert Hariman (Northwestern University) Aidan McGarry (Loughborough University) Register via: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/online-book-launch-the-visual-memory-of-protest-september-21-2023-tickets-680435871007?keep_tld=1 Social movements are not only remembered in personal experience, but also through cultural carriers that shape how later movements see themselves and are seen by others. The present collection zooms in on the role of photography in this memory-activism nexus. How…

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Out now! JPR Issue 5.1

The latest issue of JPR features Ellen Pilsworth’s discussion of the ethics of the bystander perspective with Sebastian Haffner’s memoir Defying Hitler (2002) as case study, and a pioneering interdisciplinary contribution based on a collaboration between literary scholar Juliane Prade-Weiss, historian Vladimir Petrovic, and Bible scholar Dominik Markl that critically explores the ways in which the trope of tragedy…

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New ReAct Blogs

Check out the new ReAct blog posts: Colour: Remembrance as Resistance by Ann Rigney and Using Memory: The anti-colonial periodical Indonesia Merdeka by Anna Stibbe! ReAct – Remembering Activism is an ERC funded project led by Prof. Ann Rigney that aims to provide the first in-depth account of the remembering and forgetting of civil resistance in Europe. The blog (https://rememberingactivism.eu/category/blog/) features…

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