Utrecht Forum for Memory Studies


6 Oct 2022 - 3 Nov 2022

Memory Studies: European and Latin American Perspectives in Dialogue

This event is organized by Daniele Salerno for his project MEMORIGHTS – Cultural Memory in LGBT Activism for Rights,which is affiliated with the ERC project
Remembering Activism: The Cultural Memory of Protest in Europe (PI Prof. Ann Rigney). 

Contact: Dr. Daniele Salerno, d.salerno@uu.nl.

Linguistic, economic and geographical barriers – among others – make the dialogue between scholars based in Europe and Latin America difficult. This hampers the circulation of ideas and perspectives between the two hemispheres. By “softening” linguistic limitations and making scientific meetings more accessible and sustainable, the last two Memory Studies Conferences in Madrid in 2019 (onsite) and in Warsaw in 2021 (online) showed how such barriers and other challenges may be potentially transformed into opportunities. Following these recent experiences, these online meetings will focus on two fields of interest of memory studies scholars: the figure of, and discourse on perpetrators, and the memory-activism nexus.  Each presentation will use exemplary case-studies in order to deal with specific and well-defined theoretical and methodological challenges for addressing the memory-activism nexus and the analysis of the figure of the perpetrator.

For the program, click here.