Utrecht Forum for Memory Studies


MEMORIGHTS-Cultural Memory in LGBT Activism for Rights

Daniele Salerno is a Marie-Curie Fellow (2019-2023) associated with the ReAct group. His research entails a comparative study of the role of cultural memory in LGBTQ activism in the Netherlands, Argentina, and Italy.

Since the Stonewall riots in New York (1969) and the marches organized to mark its anniversary, LGBT uses of cultural memory in activism for rights and civil resistance have spread globally through local adaptations. My projectMEMORIGHTS-Cultural Memory in LGBT Activismfor Rights addresses three research questions: how do commemorations work as social settings for rights claims in LGBT activism? What is the role of archives in LGBT activist struggles for rights? How do memorial spaces work as social settings for LGBT activism? MEMORIGHTS focuses on two geo-political contexts: Latin America, especially Argentina, and Europe, especially the Netherlands and Italy. The project integrates different perspectives in memory studies by bridging perspectives from the Global North and the Global South. To this end, MEMORIGHTS will benefit from collaboration with the Universidad de Buenos Aires and the International Institute of Social History (Amsterdam).