Utrecht Forum for Memory Studies


Mediation, Remediation, and the Dynamics of Cultural Memory

Edited by Astrid Erll and Ann Rigney, in collaboration with Laura Basu and Paul Bijl

This collection links the use of media to the larger socio-cultural processes involved in collective memory-making. The focus in particular is on ‘mediation’ and ‘remediation’ as two fundamental aspects of media use, and on the dynamics between them. 

Key questions are: What role do media play in the production and circulation of cultural memories? How do mediation, remediation and intermediality shape objects and acts of cultural remembrance? How can new, emergent media redefine or transform what is collectively remembered? 

This book first appeared as a hardback volume in the De Gruyter series Media and Cultural Memory Studies. With the present book the original articles are reissued in an affordable paperback edition for graduate students and scholars in the field of Media and Memory Studies.